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Signature Series (Calibrated Rules)

SKU: Model - SSC
MATERIAL: 1.0 thick S.S.42O H&T, Scale width = 30 mm.
RANGE: 0 to 300 mm. /0 to 12"
LEASTCOUNT: 0.5 mm/ 1/64"
FINISH: Satin chrome plated
This is a very precise chrome plated rule having on Top side metric and English graduations and on back side IS 2102 tolerance chart, formulas for spc analysis, length conversion table, Area and volume of geometric.
Each scale is duly calibrated and a unique calibration certificate. Each scale duly packed with varnished wooden box.
This scale is useful to use as a master scale in Quality Dept. and Calibration Lab.
1) 300 mm / 12″
2) 600 mm / 24″
3) 1000 mm / 39″
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