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Stainless Steel Rulers > Folding Ruler > Folding Rule With Angle Calculation Chord (600 mm.) [Model-1211]

Folding Rule With Angle Calculation Chord (600 mm)

MATERIAL: Stainless Steel 0.8 thick.
RANGE: up to 24" (600 mm).
LEASTCOUNT: Linear 0.1 mm & Angular 0.5°.
FINISH: Fine Polished

Rule incorporates a scale from 0 ° to 120 ° in 1 /2 °. Two center dots are provided, one on each blade and with the aid of dividers, the rule can be set at any angle, or an existing angle can be determined line of chords. The circumference scale indicates the circumference by measuring the diameter. Packed in display wallet.


600mm /24in Length.

Sub divided mm and line of chords scale one side.

Sub divided mm and circumference scale in mm other side.



Each Rule packed in PVC pouch with Instruction leaflet

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