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Digital Welding Gauge

SKU: Model - 3458
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel Base thick- 6.0 and scale thick-3.0 mm.
RANGE: Throat up to 20 mm and Butt Reinforcement up to 4.0 mm. As per given in following diagrams.
LEASTCOUNT: 0.01 mm.
FINISH: Hardened and Polished.

This rugged gauge, fabricated in Stainless steel, will measure the important dimensions of weld preparations and of completed Butt and Fillet welds. lt is intended for general fabrication work in the shop or on-site and rapidly measures the following weld features: angle of preparation 60, 70, 80, & 90 degree. fillet weld leg throat size, Butt weld reinforcement.




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