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Engineering Gauges > Feeler & Strips Gauge > Feeler Gauge – 27 Blades, 3″ Size [Model-FG-27]

Feeler Gauge – 27 Blades, 3″ Size

SKU: Model-FG-27
MATERIAL: Imported Spring Steel C-60 (55-58 HRC)
RANGE: 0.025 mm to 1.0 mm (0.001" to 0.39")
ACCURACY: As per T2 grade tolerances
FINISH: Fine Polished

Feeler gauges each Leaf is made in Imported material by Fine Blanking. Each Leaf have Permanent marked Leaf Thickness in Metric & English. This very precise feeler gauge is useful in Automobile to check gap in Cylinder and Piston. Also Useful in Tool room, Die manufacturer and General Engineering as a Shims. In Quality Department as a Master Gauge.


AVAILABLE MODELS: 1) 27 Blades, 2) 13 Blades, 3) 9 Blades With different Length like 3″, 4″ with & without Taper cutting at Tail, 4) Also Available Strips in 12″ Length.



Each Assembly is stacked with External Cover duly marked Model size with Tightening screw in Plastic Pouch.

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